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Slider - We help churches transition into the digital age.
Slider - We help churches transition into the digital age.


“The greatest joy on this earth comes from knowing you are doing the will of God.”

Glorifying God in thought, word, and deed is the point from which everything we do originates.

ChurchAppLady is a cradle Catholic founded and managed mobile app development company. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado and specializing in church and diocesan apps, we are committed to bringing God’s house into the digital era using today’s best communications tools.

The personal connection afforded by today’s technology empowers the Catholic community to grow within its current culture while reaching out and being visible to those seeking Christ. Our task is to capture that connection and, in union with parish staff, satisfy yearning hearts. We do this by making available a personal, constant conversation with their church, pastor, and the Divine.

I am a cradle Catholic and as the ChurchAppLady, I bring a wealth of app development expertise and church communications savvy that is enriched by my active and diligent participation in Catholicism.


I started my app development business at a time when mobile devices were just starting to take over as the primary tool for internet connection. Even with significant accomplishment and an award in the first year of operation, something was missing. In prayer, I asked the Spirit, is this really what he wanted me to do. As resolutely as a dear friend I was told “In my house…I want this in my house.”

That was in 2011 and as the secular world would label me a fat and happy cat, the Lord had other plans for me. I was called to do “something different” for God’s house. Because app usage was becoming more and more mainstream, I realized my faith community would be left out if there was not a focused process to serve the church. The decision to take care of my Father’s house was made. We began by building a platform for Catholic parish apps with the sole intent that they first and foremost allow for a more personal connection to the church and allow for a deeper relationship to Christ. Serving the Lord and His house through church app development would be my most purposeful work.

ChurchAppLady is a demonstration of obedience. The Spirit has asked that I work attentively with His churches. It is my life’s work and passion. Serving the church, working with Pastors and Staff to ensure the needs and desires of their flocks are properly served has been a conversion that is only explainable by the Lord. I am His.

ChurchAppLady exists to serve the church, by providing a very sophisticated piece of technology that allows each church to stand out as a unique arm of the Lord’s Truth and Way and confirming that church communications align with their mission. We humbly and diligently serve all churches and guarantee a smooth and simple transition into the exciting world of church apps.

“The Holy Spirit displays God’s power through each of us as a means of helping the entire church.”

1 Corinthians 12:7

“Dear friends, the Church is always in a journey, to search again for new ways to announce the gospel. The contribution and witness of the lay faithful reveals itself more every day to be indispensable.”

Pope Francis World Communications Day Message
Pope Francis World Communications Day Message

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As society trends towards more and more digital communication and engagement, the church must stay in step. While the message never changes, the methods do.