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Digital Connections become mainstream for the Church

The Church and digital connections are not only prolific; it has certainly become mainstream.

Take a look at what is available in the app store: Catholic Bible, Year of Mercy, Divine Mercy, Laudate, Missal, and countless prayer apps give the active follower plenty of access to the Lord’s house, Word and way. With Pope Frances’ example, today’s Catholics can be deeply interconnected to their faith and parish with just a couple of easy taps from their smartphone.

Without a doubt, something that would excite St. Paul to use for spreading the Word and the mission of the Catholic Church.

Apps have become effective communication and evangelical tools as they reach every age in every corner of the world. The impact to create community and deepen connections to the Church as the need continues to spread the Gospel and invite the youth, those that have left, and those searching, can be accomplished in our generation.

With the amount of time consumers spend with their smartphones, clergy have a great opportunity to speak regularly and directly one on one. Read what Nielsens’ research states on how much time adults spend with their mobile devices and how your parish can connect using a mobile app.

At, we are focused on bringing the message of Christ and the mission of the Catholic Church into every parish.

Connecting the pastoral staff to the flock and making it easy for parishioners to have full access to parish communications creates interactions beyond Sunday.

Locating the mass schedule, tithing, sacramental guidelines, and ministry schedules from their phone while receiving event reminders via text message frees up valuable staff time while keeping the faithful informed.