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We help churches transition into the digital age.
Slider - We help churches transition into the digital age.


Too often, we hesitate to express our journey believing everything has fallen into place or must be perfect before we can share our walk with Christ. The TRUTH and the KEY to evangelization is to impart the experiences of our journey. Active Christians can’t contain the burning desire to shout out how their hearts have been changed through Jesus.

The joy of being the hands and feet of Jesus and of being the face of the Gospel gives us the ability to please and further the Kingdom in ways that St. Paul could never imagined. It is in the sharing of our faith and telling others what Jesus has done for us that fulfill our mission during our time on earth.

Considering church is our most coveted community, we honor this positive place where we can deepen our relationships with one another while deepening our relationship to Christ. Using our mobile devices to access a church app engages us powerfully in our church’s social media. Consider the impact of members sharing the happenings in your parish with each other! We no longer need to think twice how to share our faith, our church, our Lord. Never before has evangelization and discipleship been at the fingers of every believer. We love to share!

With so much sharing of religious thoughts and experiences via smartphones and tablets, churches can be present for their members beyond Sunday services. With an active congregation posting individual church experiences, receiving messages from the Pastor, and being alerted to church happenings, a solid parish connection has the potential of increasing overall participation. The use of church apps can inspire parishioners everywhere to live out the spirit of the Psalms.

Discipleship - Pope-Francis

“I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord.’” Psalm 122:1


ChurchAppLady - Discipleship-Messaging
ChurchAppLady - Discipleship-Messaging
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Keeping in mind that websites can’t talk to smartphones, the ability to speak one-on-one to the flock creates a continuous faith building conversation as a church app delivers the Word, community and connection to parishioners. The power of instant communications available in a church app gives tremendous outreach, engagement and information gathering ability using the tool of push notifications. There is considerable evidence available on how useful and meaningful these messages can truly be.

While Paul had to travel by foot taking years to traverse the land to spread the Good News, your parish can in an instant become a far-reaching universal church with a dedicated church app. Once your church app is published, anyone with a mobile device and internet connection can extend a virtual invitation to the Lord’s house.

Discipleship-Annunciation Catholic Church

The face of 21st century discipleship & evangelization!

In a society captivated by mobile devices, churches must take to heart the ability to be present within a technology that can invite and engage with the faithful while ministering to their needs and desires. The future of the Church depends on it.

We continue to move towards a future of perpetually connected church members, including those who lack any other form of high-speed access other than their mobile devices.

The push for churches to offer mobile-friendly experiences and connections found in a church app soon will become commonplace.

With just a few taps on the screen, all things about your church is in hand of every member and those still looking.

Imagine what would happen if every pastor utilizes a Catholic Church App in every parish. With this powerful tool, parishioners reach out to their friends, their families, and their neighbors. Imagine how the Word spreads quickly throughout the community with faith growing and flourishing because parishioners carry their church with them wherever they go and share their church with whomever they meet. This can happen with a church app!

As churches grow more and more into the workings of the virtual world, the ChurchAppLady brings a wealth of knowledge and eagerly looks forward to providing a custom designed church app for your community.


Discipleship - A Mobile App can help the Church answer the call
Discipleship - A Mobile App can help the Church answer the call
Discipleship - A Mobile App can help the Church answer the call
Discipleship - A Mobile App can help the Church answer the call
Discipleship - A Mobile App can help the Church answer the call


Move church communication beyond Sunday. Make it simple & easy to connect with a church app.


More Pastors realize the key to inviting & reaching today’s youth is simply a matter of being present.


Today’s technology makes it easy for church members to tithe throughout the year from their mobile device.


Sharing the message of the Word and your church has never been easier or more impactful.


Use social media to reach, communicate and invite both members and those wanting to connect.