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Slider - We help churches transition into the digital age.
Slider - We help churches transition into the digital age.


How will a church app help our communications?
A custom designed and developed app for your parish will provide instant and intimate contact between pastor, staff, and members. As members are more engaged and informed, the faith community grows and deepens in the journey to holiness.


Who uses church apps?
The use of smartphones and tablets have become widespread amongst all ages. From five to eighty, using apps are common place. Once your parish is present in the palm of members, expect the Divine to do great things!


Is it costly to for us to have an app?
No, APP development technology has improved to meet the needs of a burgeoning market. Our platform provides the latest features and as a valued partner your app will always have the most current functions available. We’ve made it affordable for churches of any size.


How difficult is it to get our app approved?
Apple is extremely picky on app features and design. Each project must contain native features with high quality graphics in order to get approved. We have gone to great lengths to make sure each app we develop adheres to these standards so that we can assure your app will be available in iTunes and Google Play.


How long does app development take?
Once you have had your app development-design conference with one of our Project Leaders, you can expect your app to be live in 4-6 weeks.


Can we make changes to our app?
Yes. Our user friendly platform allows for easy access and simply ways to add bulletins, images videos, events, and sending push notifications. It’s as simple as sending an email!


Will our parishioners be able to navigate the app easily?
Absolutely! We have researched our analytics from live apps and know with a high degree of certainty, what pages are most viewed and what the church app user is looking for. The app is laid out in a user friendly manner with easy tapping to their destination.


Are there any limits to push notifications?
No. You may send out as many as you like. Statistics for successful app engagement suggests sending out at least two per week. Our platform allows you to send a message for immediate delivery or you can schedule as far out as you like. It’s as simple as sending an email.


Who gets our push notifications?
All those that have downloaded your APP and have given permission to receive them.


We have a website, should we consider a church app as well?
Absolutely. Keeping in mind, websites can’t talk to users. With a parish app, your members can stay close and connected to your church. Push notifications allow for instant communication, all at the palm of your members’ hand, 24-7 from anywhere on the globe!